Lady Boss #4: Lisa Crofoot

Lisa is currently completing her Masters in System Design and Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has a BASc and MASc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University. Prior to graduate school, she worked as a mechanical and systems engineer at a manufacturing company that designed and built large structural mechanical systems like telescopes and amusement park rides. Lisa aspires to be a technology leader, and to make products that make the world be

Failure is not an option, or is it?

Perfection seems to be the dream, but is it a reality? Read on to hear how failure helped shape who I am today and how you can use it as a step in a journey to reach for the stars. Coming out of a fantastic weekend speaking at Camp Engies, I just had to write my first {EM}otivation post. I have so many topics I want to cover in this category and have been having a hard time deciding where to start, but the inspiration I got from the councillors and young ladies at Camp Engies


Why do you need to know the cosine law or the Pythagorean theorem? Who cares what type of triangle it is, right? WRONG! Understanding trigonometry basics can go a long way. From determining the proper angle and lengths when you're building pretty much anything (i.e. deck, flower box, picture frame, drywall trim) to designing code to control a robotic arm! As with any math or scientific principle, a good understanding of the basics will set you apart from your peers once you c