Lady Boss #4: Lisa Crofoot

Lisa is currently completing her Masters in System Design and Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has a BASc and MASc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University. Prior to graduate school, she worked as a mechanical and systems engineer at a manufacturing company that designed and built large structural mechanical systems like telescopes and amusement park rides. Lisa aspires to be a technology leader, and to make products that make the world be

Lady Boss #3: Cassondra Fonseca

Cassondra has a BASc in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University. Determined to use her electrical engineering skills, she started her career at Hydro One in Protection Design and recently made the transition to the Project Engineering group. Cassondra has always lead an active lifestyle. She grew up dancing competitively and playing team sports including soccer, basketball, and hockey. Cassondra has maintained her love of sport by playing co-ed soccer, volleyball, and

Lady Boss #2: Lauren Bates

Lauren has a BASc in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Queen's University, with a strong focus on design. She loves baking, being outdoors, dog parenting, and fly fishing. Lauren started her tech career in software development but now happily resides in product management, designing and launching products in mobile gaming, enterprise governance, and fintech. What has been your biggest professional accomplishment? I lead the design and development of a mobile fintech ap

Lady Boss #1: Tanya Schade

Tanya has a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University. She loves yoga, fitness, health & nutrition and vegetarian cooking. Read on for more about her career's ups and downs, what motivates her and her advice for young women interested in STEM. What has been your biggest professional accomplishment? I was sought out by one of the Canadian VPs of one of the biggest elevator companies in the world to work for him. He told me that everyone he spoke to within the indu