What Is Engineering?

As an ambassador for the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation, I had the pleasure of presenting to a number of high school math classes at Ashbury College in Ottawa in March - one week before the lockdown happened! I spoke about why I chose to pursue engineering, the amazing experiences I have had on my journey so far and how a future in engineering can open the door to endless opportunities. Check out the video and presentation here: #engineering #outreach #cemf #canadia


Why do you need to know the cosine law or the Pythagorean theorem? Who cares what type of triangle it is, right? WRONG! Understanding trigonometry basics can go a long way. From determining the proper angle and lengths when you're building pretty much anything (i.e. deck, flower box, picture frame, drywall trim) to designing code to control a robotic arm! As with any math or scientific principle, a good understanding of the basics will set you apart from your peers once you c