Lady Boss #2: Lauren Bates

Lauren has a BASc in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Queen's University, with a strong focus on design. She loves baking, being outdoors, dog parenting, and fly fishing. Lauren started her tech career in software development but now happily resides in product management, designing and launching products in mobile gaming, enterprise governance, and fintech. What has been your biggest professional accomplishment? I lead the design and development of a mobile fintech ap


Why do you need to know the cosine law or the Pythagorean theorem? Who cares what type of triangle it is, right? WRONG! Understanding trigonometry basics can go a long way. From determining the proper angle and lengths when you're building pretty much anything (i.e. deck, flower box, picture frame, drywall trim) to designing code to control a robotic arm! As with any math or scientific principle, a good understanding of the basics will set you apart from your peers once you c

Space Race 2.0

We are in an era where technology is advancing rapidly, expanding our capabilities further than ever before. For the space industry, that means countries around the world have their sights set on the red planet! Welcome to Space Race 2.0: Mars. What better way to start off the Science! section than with the recent Falcon Heavy launch! While not ALL of my Science! posts will be about space, I am extremely passionate about the advancement of space exploration capabilities and w